About Us

Logo high reso1We at Animal Nepal feel passionate about vegetarianism and created this website in 2012 as a service to help vegetarians to find vegetarian, vegan, and healthy food choices in Nepal. Despite the fact that many Nepalese are vegetarians, there are hardly any restaurants that serve vegetarian food exclusively. The choices at general restaurants are often limited.

If you like us are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living then support our work by reviewing restaurants, and requesting restaurant owners to add vegetarian and vegan dishes to their menus.

Animal Nepal (AN), is an innovative NGO based in Lalitpur District, Kathmandu Valley, and run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, who are both local and overseas animal welfare campaigners and educators. AN was established as a non-profit company in 2004 and was registered as an NGO in 2009.

Animal Nepal believes that through awareness-raising and practical interventions, widespread animal cruelty can be gradually reduced, and that Nepal can ultimately become a model country for animal welfare in the region. AN contributes to improving the conditions of animals in Nepal through the following objectives:

  1. To support a well-functioning animal health and well being industry.
  2. To conduct animal welfare education and campaigning.
  3. To initiate and support stray animal community-care programs

For more information visit www.animalnepal.org